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Meet Patti

Patti Bottino-Bravo is an instructor, author, singer, and speech-language pathologist with more than 25 years of experience.


She received her Bachelor of Science and Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, New York. 


She provides services to children and adults with speech, language, reading, and voice disorders.

Patti teaches undergraduate courses in Public Speaking, in addition to speech-language pathology coursework required for graduate school admission in the field. Courses she teaches include Normal Speech and Language Development, Diagnosis and Remediation of Speech-Language Disorders, and Phonetics.

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What previous clients had to say:

Fun with Phonetics was such a helpful course! I walk away with a deeper understanding of how speech sounds are produced and perceived and how to transcribe speech sounds using the symbols devised by the IPA. My fluency with writing and reading with the IPA symbols has increased dramatically! Patti's years of experience shine during each session and her calm demeanor makes it easy to ask questions and for clarification. I highly recommend Fun with Phonetics to the SWI community and to all interested in a deeper understanding if phonetics. 


Brooklyn, NY

This course provided me with knowlege I wish I'd had access to decades ago when I was a young student learning English as a second language. It helped me understand so much of what I instinctively know but couldn't have explained to my elementary aged kids. Every student would benefit from learning the IPA's systematic representation of speech sounds, an invaluable resource that was taught here by an extremely engaging instructor.


Seattle, W.A.

Fun with Phonetics was an incredibly informative and well-paced class. Patti Bottino Bravo is a wonderful teacher. If you are interested in learning more about IPA, the vowel quadrilateral and helping students understand how speech sounds are articulated, this is the class for you! I thought I would never be able to transcribe words into IPA, but, amazingly, Patti made that possible through her carefully sequenced curriculum. I also enjoyed the small class size that allowed for lots of practice and personal interaction. So happy that I took this class.


Westchester, N.Y.

Patti was absolutely amazing for my son.  She literally worked wonders.  She helped him learn new approaches to decoding words, improve his reading comprehension, and feel more confident as a student .  He told me working with Patti actually made him feel like he was learning something for the first time ever.  Now in the 8th grade, he has a 90 average and a more positive attitude toward school.  Patti does it all with a loving, nurturing approach that makes the child feel comfortable and confident.

Susan M., Parent

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